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ILAI Member: Marvin Williams Username: freedom4u2

Marketing Resources

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Safelists Marketing

Here are some TOP Safelists that you can join for FREE and send your ads to for FREE. Some of these you can upgrade to a paid membership and receive more sends per week for just a small fee. Remember, these are tools designed to get more people directed to your capture page which should be your #1 goal.

Watch These 5 Videos First To Learn How To Properly Set Up Your Safelists Advertising Campaigns.
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Safelist Video #1 
Safelist Video #2 Safelist Video #3 Safelist Video #4 Safelist Video #5
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Marvin, Make Sure To Sign Up With As Many Of These Safelists As You Can And Try To Mail To Them Every Day If You Have The Time. Some Of Them Only Allow You To Mail Every Couple Of Days. If you can't post to every single safelist every day, make sure to post to at least 30 different safelists every day.

1. These safelists are absolutely FREE to join so you can join them ALL!
2. You will need two email addresses (a "Contact email" and a "List email") are required when signing up for these "double opt-in" credit based safelists. You can use the "same two email addresses" exclusively for all safelists!
Sign up for 2 FREE (Gmail) email accounts at: Gmail - (Google Mail)
3. Choose the "same" username and password for all safelists... it will make logging into them much easier! Test them all out
4. "Solo Ads" are extremely crucial for getting the maximum number of referrals because Solo Ads are sent to the entire list's "contact email". Safelist members also earn many more credits for viewing Solo Ads!
List Adventures Bweeble List Jumper Text Ads World
PIF43 Nitro List TopTierMailer UTS Cash Ads
Micro Power List Build My Downlines Twisted Viral Traffic Gold Rush List
EzCashMailer New Program Alert Adchiever Forced Solos
High Traffic Mart Zoned For Traffic Ad Exchange Pro Dragon Safelist
Global Safelist List Zillion Business World List Herculist
Tiger Solo Ads Plus Traffic Pro List Vital Ad Views AdTactics
SafelistXL Elite Safelist Fast Cash Mailer Ad Pro
Ukdir Safelist MillionLeadsForfree Crocs Clickday ELP Safelist
ListJoe European Safelist Synchronize Ads Cash-Blaster
Pronto Adz Golden Op Safelist Spiritual Marketer Cash4uSafelist
3 is a Charm Newage Marketing Equus Safelist Ads2Clix
ListMaximizer AdSolutionLine MidNightSun Fastcashandtraffic
The Air Mails Launchpad-ads Ignite My Site E-Z Clix
Free Bee Target Safelist Traffic Apocalypse Ad Pirate
Traffic Strom SuperSoloNetwork Marketing Extreme Adjockeys
Traffic Zoom Viral Buzz Ads Marketer Safelist AtoZ Adz
Viral Text Adz Making Dreams Traffic Speed Way List Bonus
Super Text Adz Mortal Combat Adz Treasure Chest Text 2 Clix
Dynamite Safelist Reactive Adz Solo Ads Xpress The Mail Bag
XTreme Mailer Easy Street Ads Instant Profit List Xtreme TA
Simplicity Ads Mammoth Text Ads My Ad Explosion Genie Mailer
Safe Mailer Mailing @ Home Quick List Profits List Volta
Active Safelist Effectives Safelist Viral Nugget Max Mailer Pro
Mega Traffic ListBuildingMaxizer Timeless Text Ads Loot Mails
Got Safelist My Super Safelist List Speedster Solo Wave
List Surfing Text Ad Profits Pick Your Lifestyle Key2Net
Viral Exchange Get Traffic For Life Turbo Traffic Hits Eruption
Ez Street Adz Safe List Geek Viral Traffic Central List Million
Safelist Pro General DB List Ad Exchange Infinity Adz
Trade-a-List List Recruiter Traffic Bailout Monster
ZoomMoola My Safelist Mailer Super List Explode Supreme List
Unlimited Solos Marketer Traffic Vault Speedway Safelist Explosive Solo Ads
Ultimate Adz Click 4 Profits E-Traffic Text Ad Pony Xpress Ads


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