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ILAI Member: Marvin Williams Username: freedom4u2

Understanding List Building

To help you to better understand how building a list works and how it can make you a fortune, we're going to ask you to think back and recall what compelled you to enter your name and email address into the Instant Leads and Income system?

There are many reasons why you may have chosen to do that, but did you know that on average only 7 people per 100 will do that?

Think that through for a moment, on average only 7 out of every hundred people that visit the Instant Leads and Income system website will enter their name and email address in the form. Thatís a pretty scary statistic, especially if this is the first time that you have been told Ďthe truthí about mailing lists. This is why people who send a few emails to friends and family and think they have done enough are unlikely to succeed.

Donít think for a moment that these statistics are exclusive to mailing list marketing, itís much worse with traditional direct marketing with only 3 in 1,000 taking action from a flyer for example.

Thereís good news here too though because you are not looking for the 93 people who do nothing, you are looking for the 7 people who do!

The key reason that anyone joins any mailing list and becomes a prospect is always the same. They join a list because they are looking for a solution to a problem. In the case of the Instant Leads and Income system we offer a solution to not one, but two of the biggest problems facing any online entrepreneur.

  1. How to build a list
  2. How to make a fortune

When you offer a credible solution to a prospects problems you immediately have their attention. Solve two problems at once and you really have their attention.

With the Instant Leads and Income system we have created everything for you so that you do not have to understand anything about the setup process or think about what to write to your prospects. Itís done in this way to allow you to focus on the most important part which is simply sharing your personal Instant Leads and Income link with as many people as possible.

Even if you are new to Internet and network marketing Iím sure youíve heard the phrase ďitís a numbers gameĒ but you may not understand how the numbers work. Understanding just the basics of this is the KEY to your success. We personally spent years in the wilderness before we finally realized what we are about to share with you, and now that we know this stuff, itís so obvious that we feel a bit stupid admitting that it took us years to figure this out the hard way!

When a company places a 30 second commercial on TV it doesnít matter if the product is a bag of M&Mís that sells for less than $1 or a Mercedes Benz at $100,000 the advertiser pays the same spot rate for the 30 seconds of airtime. Have you ever wondered how they can afford to do that? How is it possible that a single advert can sell enough M&Mís to pay the cost of that advert and make a profit?

The simple answer is that it doesnít. A 30 second M&M advert on TV does not get 100,000 people to jump off their seat and immediately go out and buy M&Mís. The reality is that if 100,000 people saw an M&M advert then some of them will do just that but most of them will do nothing immediately, it may not even register that they just watched an M&M advert but the next time they are shopping, statistically they are now more likely to buy M&Mís because they are brand aware.

This is why you see and hear the exact same adverts day after day on TV and radio. Advertising agencies have a phrase for this, itís ďRepetition builds ReputationĒ in other words, the more time you show people an advert the more likely it becomes that they will trust you and become a customer. This is why it does not matter how many times or how many people advertise the Instant Leads and Income system or how many times an individual sees a Instant Leads and Income ad, one day when the time is right for Ďthemí they will click the link and join. In just the same way that when the M&M ad ran on TV Ďsomeí of the people did actual get out of their chairs and into their cars to buy a bag of M&Mís.

In Summary

Building a list and making money online is a pure numbers game. If five people click your ad and join your list and from those seven none of them take action you have simply found the wrong seven people. The answer to this problem is not to quit and stop sharing your links, that would simply result in LESS people seeing your ad and thatís Ďreallyí not going to work. The answer is to share your link with MORE people and never quit, keep promoting until you have found enough action takers (people just like you) and then the growth in your team becomes exponentially and you cannot stop it.


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