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ILAI Member: Marvin Williams Username: freedom4u2

Advertising Co-op

Monthly Co-op Advertising Brings New Targeted Prospects To Your Referral Website.
LAUNCH Your InstantLeadsandIncome.com Business With Powerful Proven Online Advertising!

Our Co-ops take advantage of deep discounts and volume pricing to attract thousands of targeted visitors from around the world.

We promote our advertising co-op using:

Classified Ads | Solo Email Campaigns | PTC Campaigns | Traffic Exchanges | Viral Ad Networks | Text Ads | Banner Advertising | Pop Under/Pop Over Traffic | Social Bookmarking | Article Submissions | Blog Posts | Login Ads | Ezine Newsletters | Guaranteed Visitors | & more

Members can purchase from 1 up to a maximum of 10 shares in a co-op. The more shares you have in our co-op means the more views your InstantLeadsandIncome.com URL link will receive. ALL Co Op advertising is continuous with no cut of date. Once an order is place your URL link is entered in the next available spot.

Please make sure you are aware of our disclaimer below before purchasing any shares.

To join our co-op, please pick a package below and set up your monthly subscription. The packages are relevant to how many times your URL link is added into our co-op rotator. Example: if you subscribed to a 5x package, then your InstantLeadsandIncome.com URL link will be placed into our co-op at a 5x level and receive 5 times more traffic, than someone who purchased a 1x package.

IMPORTANT: We provide stats tracking through Bitly.com, Unless you specify the link you want to use, Your default link will be used in the coop.
www.InstantLeadsandIncome.com/r/freedom4u2 For BEST RESULTS we strongly recommend using an auto-responder capture page URL with your co op purchase.


Purchase Co-Op Advertising Shares Below

1x Package - $14.95
(Your ILAI URL link will receive 1 spot in our co-op promotions)

2x Package - $27.95
(Your ILAI URL link will receive 2 spots in our co-op promotions)

3x Package - $39.95
(Your ILAI URL link will receive 3 spots in our co-op

5x Package - $64.95
(Your ILAI URL link will receive 5 spots in our co-op

10x Package - $130.95
(Your ILAI URL link will receive 10 spots in our co-op promotions)


Disclaimer -
We do not guarantee the level of success with the co-op. It is in our best interests to use the best advertising resources. We continually look at our campaigns to improve the conversions. There are no refunds or part refunds on any subscriptions paid. You can always cancel your co-op subscription via your PayPal or Solid Trust Pay account. Once a subscription is cancelled, ALL package URL(s) are removed from the InstantLeadsandIncome.com advertising co-op immediately. If you have to cancel a subscription for whatever reason we suggest you do it 1 - 3 days before your next payment is due.

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